Educational communication

Educational communication
We bring customers to the schools

As an agency for educational communication, we develop high-quality educational offerings for day-care centres, schools and universities for companies, foundations, public institutions and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Whether instructional materials, visits, competitions or even digital learning platforms – we support you with the pedagogical concept and implementation and place your offerings directly in the education facilities. Relevant target audiences in educational communication are the education recipients (students, day-care children), educators (such as schools and day-care centres) and education mediators (such as teachers and educators). Through close co-operation with our educationalists, we are very familiar with didactic methods and can prepare materials and educational concepts that are well accepted by teachers end educators and can be embedded in curricula and education plans. We actively incorporate the relevant target audiences as a “proof of concept”, ensuring that all offerings are tested for practicality in advance. Educational communication serves the pure purpose of conveying knowledge – without any market-based objectives. This means the placement of a broader topic (sustainability, STEM, political education) is always paramount.

Educational marketing

In comparison to educational communication, as an agency for educational marketing, we use targeted day-care centre marketing and school marketing to set the focus more on conveying knowledge to achieve market-based objectives. This means strengthening the brand and thus selling your products are paramount – through custom-tailored advertising in schools and day-care centres. We draw on our skills from children’s and youth marketing and incorporate them in the pedagogical concept.

Educational communication references
Educational communication references
Educational communication references
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Educational communication references
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Educational communication references
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We are the leading German-speaking marketing agency for young audiences and families. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have detailed knowledge of young lifestyles and can offer you all the services of modern cross-media marketing.

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Young Employer Branding

What makes an employer brand, how is it strengthened and how can young talent be inspired? We support you in the successful positioning of your company and in the search for qualified young talent with solutions that are appropriate for your target group.

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In order to successfully run cross-media campaigns for our clients, we rely on an interdisciplinary team that covers all disciplines to address the target group in a targeted manner.

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